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Potato peeling machine

Processing type Abrasive peeling, Peeling
Suitable for Potatoes, Carrots, Fruiting vegetables, Other

The BLADE potato peeling machine is the ultimate solution for peeling and re-peeling not just potatoes, but also a wide variety of tough produce, including beets and mangoes. It's a continuous process that ensures your products are weighed in consistent batches, providing you with the same impeccable peel quality every time, regardless of whether you're operating at the start or end of the season. What's more, you have the freedom to fine-tune the BLADE according to your preferences with its extensive adjustments.

How it works:
Afbeelding van de BLADE aardappelschilmachine
Cavity schrapschijven in de BLADE schilmachine waarmee product kan worden geschrapt.
Precision Settings for Perfect Peeling Results

Precisely configure the machine for your desired peeling outcome using various disc options and speed controls.

Weegsysteem op de BLADE schilmachine weegt groenten in batches van gelijk volume.
Integrated Weighing System

The built-in weighing system ensures consistently peeled vegetables.

Motors of the BLADE potato peeling machine with direct drive.
Low maintenance costs due to direct drive

Direct motor drive on the slicing discs, eliminating the need for bearings. This results in significant savings on maintenance expenses, as bearings wear out and require lubrication.

Accessible Design for Maintenance and Cleaning

Equipped with doors that can fully open on both sides, providing direct access to the peeling area for cleaning and maintenance.

Interior of the BLADE peeling machine featuring fully sealed motors and cables.
Water-Resistant Stainless Steel Motors

The stainless steel motors and cables are fully sealed, ensuring the machine can be safely cleaned.

Waste auger in the BLADE peeling machine
Effortless Waste Disposal

The waste screw facilitates easy disposal of waste to the center of the machine, ensuring a smooth production process.

Versatile Peeling with Unwavering Consistency

Our BLADE Continuous Schiller is the result of years of innovation and expertise in peeling technology. This versatile machine can be adapted to a wide range of products, including red beets, carrots, celeriac, oranges, and much more. What truly sets our peeling machine apart is its ability to provide consistency. A weighing unit is attached to the front of the machine, weighing in equivalent batches. This ensures an even distribution within the machine, allowing the product to move and peel in the same way with each batch. As a result, a uniform outcome is achievable, batch after batch. During the radial peeling process, where the disc blades peel every side of the product evenly, the product moves centrally within the machine. This benefits the product quality and extends its shelf life. Furthermore, the BLADE gives the final product an appearance as if it were hand-peeled.

Ideal for re-peeling steamed peeled Potatoes

Our machine excels in re-peeling steamed peeled potatoes, making it an ideal choice for enhancing your potato processing. It significantly improves product yield and elevates overall product quality, an indispensable advantage, especially in the potato industry. Additionally, the peeling machine effortlessly removes the cooking edge that may appear on the product, leading to even more efficient production.


The BLADE offers extensive adjustment options, allowing you to select from a variety of peeling discs. You can adjust the speed individually for each blade and save settings in different programs. This ensures a consistently well-peeled product throughout the entire season.

With the BLADE Potato peeling machine, you’re not just acquiring a peeling machine but an advanced solution that guarantees consistency, precision, and efficiency. Discover the advantages our machine offers for your production process.

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  • Flexible peeling system for a wide range of root vegetables, fully adjustable with different peeling discs.
  • Full stainless steel interior and stainless steel peeling motors easily accessible for cleaning and changing discs.
  • 75% less water consumption compared to conventional peeling techniques.
  • Low maintenance costs compared to other knife peelers.
  • Perfect for re-peeling steamed peeled potatoes.
  • Seamless integration with optical sorting machines for efficient production and quality assurance.
  • Easy to clean and maintain thanks to its accessible and open design.
  • Heavy-duty execution for heavy vegetables or fruits.

Perfectly peeled potatoes that meet the strictest quality standards.

Knife peeling discs

The peeling discs ensure a perfect end product with extended shelf life and an appearance as if hand-peeled. Available in aluminum and stainless steel.

Red beets

Peeled with knife peeling discs.

Butternut squash

Butternut squash peeled with the BLADE.

Cavity peeling discs

The cavity discs provide an abrasive peeling effect and can be used on both sides, clockwise and counterclockwise. Available in 5 variations.

Peeled carrots

The BLADE also peels elongated products, such as carrots.


Celeriac, a heavy product, perfectly peeled by the heavy-duty version.


Icon representing a sensor.

Load cell weighing unit

Weighing unit with load cell.

Icon representing a waste pump.

Waste pump

Pump for waste.

Extended waste auger icon

Extended waste auger

Waste auger.

Special version for onions

A special version is available for onions: BLADE ONIONS

icon CIP system


Automatic cleaning system.

Often combined with

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