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Rocks in door opening of the Finis-Eillert De-stoning machine


Our destoning machines efficiently and effectively separate stones and non-floating debris from root vegetables. Our advanced destoning technology is tailor-made for the vegetable food processing industry.

Destoning machines
Abrasive peeled potatoes

Abrasive peeling

Designed for versatility, our abrasive peeling machines flawlessly peel an array of root vegetables, ensuring consistent quality. From carrots to potatoes, each product is evenly peeled.

Abrasive peeling machines
Red beets on a knife peeling disc of the BLADE Finis-Eillert peeling machine.


Our peeling machines are essential for efficient vegetable processing. Peel onions, carrots, potatoes, and more consistently with our peeling machines.

Peeling machines
Two cabbages decored with the Finis-Eillert CABRO Decoring and floretting machine.


Our core removal machines are designed for versatility, delivering excellent performance in removing cores from various types of vegetables, ensuring consistent quality.

Decoring machines
Bell peppers sliced into rings.


Our advanced cutting machines form the core of efficient vegetable processing. Whether it's slicing leafy greens, carrots, cabbage, or other vegetables, our machines deliver consistent and uniform cutting results

Slicing machines
Baby spinach in the WASH-20 washed on the conveyor belt of Finis-Eillert.


Our high-quality washers are an essential component of the vegetable processing process. They are designed to thoroughly clean and wash vegetables, removing any impurities.

Washing machines
Belt beaters for dewatering.


Our dewatering machines provide an efficient solution for removing excess water from various vegetables and food items after the washing process.

Dewatering machines
Inside of the ASD-800.


Our centrifuge machines are optimized for fast and effective removal of excess water from vegetables and other food items after the washing process. This extends the shelf life of products.

Drying machines
Arugula mix is accurately dosed into the weighing unit of the automatic weigher using the dosing valves.


Our weighers are the core of accuracy and efficiency in food processing. They ensure consistent and reliable weight measurements, whether it's vegetables, fruits, or other food items.

Weighing machines
Mixed Arugula in a basket of the ABM automatic basket mill.


Our filling machines are designed to streamline your packaging process. With precision and speed, they ensure a consistent filling of your products.

Filling machines

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