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In 2011, Finis and Eillert joined forces to form an integrated company. This strategic collaboration resulted in Finis partially acquiring Eillert. As a unified entity, we can now offer a comprehensive product range for the fresh market, providing clear advantages for our customers. Finis specializes in peeling onions, potatoes, and other tuberous vegetables while Eillert focuses on processing (leafy) vegetables. Thanks to this collaboration, we can execute complete turn-key projects and leverage a team of specialists, international experience, and the combined expertise of both companies, delivering added value to the market. We continue to fulfill our ambition of realizing future technology for our customers.

About Finis

Since 1924, Finis Foodprocessing Equipment B.V. has been a leading player in the field of machinery for the food industry. Founder Aloisius van Raaij, also known as Alois, had the ambition to surprise the industry with a fresh perspective on technology and prompt service.

With a heritage from the past, today’s generation, and solutions for the future, the entire Finis team provides advanced solutions that empower its customers to excel in the current market. It all began in 1917 when Aloisius van Raaij owned Technisch Bureau Finis, where he traded tools and equipment for the meat processing sector. In 1924, the first proprietary factory was opened, marking the commencement of FINIS machine production. Over the years, we have continued to grow, both in size and expertise, delivering our machines globally.

About Eillert

Over the years, Eillert B.V. has evolved into a leading manufacturer of processing machines and complete production lines for the vegetable sector (potatoes, vegetables, and fruits).

Our machines and lines are delivered worldwide in various models and capacities to renowned processing companies. These companies, in turn, supply major supermarket chains, well-known fast-food establishments, catering companies, and the institutional market. Additionally, our equipment finds its way to frozen food companies, vegetable drying facilities, vegetable cutting plants, and various other sectors involved in vegetable processing. An extensive network of agents and dealers ensures customer interaction, facilitating the distribution and maintenance of our machines.

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