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Vegetable Ring Slicer

Sushi chef
Processing type Slicing
Suitable for Onions, Carrots, Fruiting vegetables, Other

The Sushi Chef slice perfect rings of 6 mm to 25 mm.

How it works:
Vertical infeed belt

Vertical infeed belt with special cups for perfect filling.

Product holder

Product holder holds product in place for a precise cut.

Continuous ring slicer

Continuous ring slicers Carousel (1.0) or continuous slicer (2.0/3.0) with fixed or with rotating discs.

Waste belt

Waste belt for the disposal of waste.

Perfect ring slicing

We have three different ring slicers in our program: the Sushi Chef 1.0 and 2.0 slices perfect rings of 6 mm to 25 mm and the Sushi Chef 3.0 slices rings up to 8mm. The design of the 3 machines means that they are very easy to clean and maintain but most of all that they create perfect uniform rings for a range of different products.

As a chef’s special, the machine can additionally slice vegetables into perfect half or one-third rings. This feature is only available on the Sushi Chef 3.0. The Sushi Chef from Finis owes its name to the Japanese Itamae. An Itamae is a chef in high-end Japanese restaurant. The term can be translated literally as ‘in front of the board’, referring to a cutting board. In Japan, becoming a sushi Itamae requires years of on-the-job training and apprenticeship.

With the same passion with which the Itamae prepares his products, we have created a machine that does the job just as precisely.

  • Carousel (1.0) or continuous slicer (2.0/3.0) with fixed or with rotating discs adjustable knives in full stainless-steel hygienic design.
  • Carousel ring slicer with manual positioning and orientation, continuous ring slicers with an upper belt that evenly distributes pressure on the product, resulting in consistent cuts.
  • Stepless, adjustable cut for ring slicers with rotating knife discs and easily removable knife rack assembly for ring sliver with fixed cut.
  • Continuous ring slicers with vertical infeed elevator conveyor with cups to guarantee the perfect filling of holes in indexing plates.
  • Horizontal outfeed belt or stainless steel outfeed chute.
  • Reduced maintenance and costs due to the use of strong and oversized chains for indexing plates.


Icoon beeld orientatie uit.

Orientation system

Orientation system of product.

Icon of FInis-Eillert outfeed belt.

Outfeed options

Outfeed belt or outfeed chute

Icoon voor het uitbeelden van omwisselen.

Knife rack

Knife rack assembly with 1st cut to waste (3.0).

Icon knife block

Knife rack slices

Knife rack assembly to slice ½ rings (3.0)

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