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Decoring and floretting machine

Processing type Decoring, Slicing
Suitable for Leafy vegetables, Cabbages

The CABRO decoring machine is the ultimate solution for decoring leafy vegetables and cutting cauliflower and broccoli florets. With its vertical decoring process, precision, and extensive adjustment options, the CABRO is the perfect choice for vegetable products in the fresh market or IQF.

How it works:
Decoring machines CABRO SLC with one lane and the CABRO DLC with double lane of Finis-Eillert.
Different coring tools

The coring tools can be easily replaced so that the machine can be used for decoring cabbage varieties but also softer products, such as iceberg lettuce.

Accurate alignment

Laser technology to align vegetables with precision for better yield

Waste chute

Waste chute for core removal.


The CABRO has a user-friendly HMI with touchscreen. It is possible to quickly switch between saved settings.

Detail photo of the infeed in the CABRO DLC of Finis-Eillert.

Infeed of the CABRO DLC with double lanes.

Buffer belt above the CABRO DLC decoring machine of Finis-Eillert.
Buffer belt

The buffer belt ensures an optimal product flow.


In the world of vegetable production, precision is the key to success. Therefore, the CABRO is the ideal choice for accurate decoring and floretting. The unique vertical decoring process, where decoring occurs from above, provides the operator with a clear view of the products core. This allows products to be accurately placed on the conveyor belt, while laser technology aids in the exact alignment of the products. Furthermore, the built-in depth sensor ensures that decoring always occurs at the correct depth, regardless of the products size. This results in maximum product yield, as only the core is removed. The waste is separated directly from the clean product flow through the built-in waste channel. After decoring, the CABRO can use the dividing knife to cut the product into 2, 4, or 8 segments (up to 4 for cabbage). The Cabro is available in two different versions: the CABRO SLC with a single lane and the CABRO DLC with a double lane.


What makes the decoring and floretting machine even more unique is the specially developed coring tools for different types of products. For cauliflower and broccoli, for example, there is a round coring tool that follows the natural shape of the product, leading to a higher product yield. Moreover, it is easy to switch between coring tools, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different vegetables, from cauliflower to iceberg lettuce.


The CABRO offers extensive adjustment options, including decoring depth and speed. The decoring and floretting machine even measures the number of filled pockets and can automatically adjust the speed to the input speed, increasing process efficiency. Additionally, the machine can detect and record line stops further down the production line, adjusting the speed if necessary to maintain optimal product flow.

Are you ready to enhance your vegetable production? The CABRO decoring and floretting machine stands for precision, maximum yield, and flexibility. Do not hesitate; contact us today and discover how the CABRO can strengthen your production processes.

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  • Laser technology for precise alignment of the products.
  • Depth sensor automatically measures the correct decoring depth for each product.
  • Decoring from above provides a clear view of the core's position and makes product placement easy.
  • Effective removal of the core due to the vertical decoring process.
  • Central discharge channel directly separates the core from the clean product flow.
  • Divide the product into 2, 4, or 8 segments with the dividing knife.
  • Easy switching between cutting tools and dividing knives.
  • 50 preset programs with settings that the operator can easily determine.
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to accessible design.
  • CIP system (cleaning in place) automatically rinses the machine during operation.
Broccoli florets

Sliced with the CABRO using our specific coring tool for cauliflower and broccoli.

Cored cabbages

The core in the cabbages are completely removed.

Cabbage Segments

Effortlessly divide cabbage into equal segments of 2 or 4 with the optional dividing knife of the CABRO.

Cauliflower Florets

Perfectly sliced cauliflower florets.

Cored Iceberg Lettuce

Core effectively removed for maximum product yield.


Icon of a bin tipper.

Bin tippers

Ideal for quickly emptying large bins at working height.

Icon of Finis-Eillert elevator belt.

Feeding conveyors

Feed conveyors built to the highest hygiene standards.

Icon for buffering.

Buffering conveyor

Smooth flow of products with the buffer conveyor.

Icoon cleaning tool CABRO

Cleaning tool

Recommended for cabbage coring for removing the final core.

Icon decoring knife

Coring tools

Different slicing and coring tools are available for soft and hard products.

Icon Finis-Eillert dividing knife in the CABRO

Dividing knives

Different dividing knives are available for hard and soft products to slice the product in 2,4 or 8 segments.

icon size sorting

Roller sorting table

Sorting cauliflower and broccoli florets by size.

Icon of FInis-Eillert outfeed belt.

Outfeed conveyors

Transportation of processed products via our hygienic conveyors.

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