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Vegetable washers

WASH Series
Processing type Washing
Suitable for Leafy vegetables, Cabbages, Fruiting vegetables

The vegetable washers within our WASH SERIES are engineered to handle all varieties of vegetables, including delicate leafy greens. Utilizing integrated water screws, they create a dual helicoidal flow, guiding the vegetables to the basin's center. Once submerged, the produce receives a thorough cleaning from the continuously moving water, ensuring an impeccable wash and the perfect blend in the final product.

How it works:
Vegetable washers of Finis-Eillert
Lever system to control water pressure in the vegetable washer.
Water pressure

Lever system to control the water pressure and flow at the infeed side.

Insect separation system in the vegetables washer.
Insect separation system

Small floating particles removed by insect separation system.

Hygienic outfeed belt of the vegetables washer.
Hygienic belt

Belt with hygienic concept, easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Hinged rotation filter in the vegetables washer.
Rotation filter

Hinged rotation filter for easy and quick cleaning.

Wash-30 detail photo in machine
Tension of the belt is released
Easy belt cleaning

Quick-release belt tension with lever for effortless cleaning.

Enhanced Washing Solutions for Delicate Produce

For delicate products such as baby spinach, the vegetables washers have a specially developed optional air injection system. This blows air into the basin to create light turbulence in the water and the product is washed carefully while kept intact.

Sand and stones are separated from the product as they sink to the quiet zone at the bottom of the basin. There is no turbulence in the quiet zone. This ensures that sand and stones settle there effectively. Insects and other floating particles are removed by the optional insect separation system.

Diverse Capacity Vegetable Washers to Suit Your Needs

Our WASH SERIES offers a variety of vegetable washers to accommodate different processing requirements. Whether you’re running a small-scale operation or a large-scale production facility, we have the perfect solution for you. Choose from our range of models, including the WASH-20, WASH-30, and WASH-60, each designed to handle varying capacities. From smaller batches of leafy greens to larger volumes of fruiting vegetables, our vegetable washers provide reliable performance and exceptional results every time.

Water saving system

The vegetable washers can be enhanced with the optional water-saving Water Management System (WMS). Depending on your personal choice, these options can vary from a basic system to a completely automatic system that controls water consumption and reduces production costs.

The addition of fresh cold water is necessary to compensate for the contamination of the wash water to maintain the water temperature and to compensate for the loss of water. Use of the correct technologies can save a considerable amount of water.

Ready to revolutionize your vegetable washing process? Contact us today to learn more about our WASH SERIES vegetable washers and how they can benefit your operation.

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  • Continuous-flow design to keep product intact.
  • Run-dry protection by means of a floating device.
  • Inspection hatch for easy cleaning.
  • Stainless steel butterfly valve to discharge water easily.
  • Double helicoidal flow results in optimal submersion of product.
  • Centralised water feeding tube with slotted holes for additional turbulence in the centre of the washer.
  • Adjustable water flow and pressure for a specific product type especially useful for delicate products such as baby spinach.
  • Hinged extended rotation filter instead of standard rotation filter for better filtering and easy cleaning.
  • Wash basin with quiet zone: no turbulence and effective settling of sand ensures a clean end product.
  • Suitable for washing light products with the optional air injection unit.
Thorough Washing of Baby Spinach

Baby spinach undergoes a thorough submersion and washing process in the vegetables washer, ensuring a clean and hygienic outcome.


Icon static insect separation system.

Static Insect separation system

For removing floating particles, such as insects.

Icon rotating insect separation system

Rotational insect separation system

Rotating system for removing floating particles, such as insects.

Icon air.

Air injection tubes

Ensures thorough cleaning by adding extra pressure and turbulence.

Icon of suction unit.

Belt suction unit

Removes excess water.

Icon vibrations.

Belt shaker

Frequency controlled belt shaker.

icon pneumatic.

Pneumatically controlled valves

Pneumatically controlled valves for sand/stone collector and/or for wash tank instead of butterfly valves

icon sprayer

Single spray bar

Executed with 12 nozzles.

Icon stainless steel.

Stainless steel control box

Different versions with stainless steel control box.

Often combined with

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