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Onion peeling machine

Processing type Peeling
Suitable for Onions

As the market leader in onion peeling machines, the TopNotch distinguishes itself with a revolutionary automatic orientation and coring system. Utilizing vision technology, the machine precisely positions each onion with unparalleled accuracy. The unique coring system selectively removes only the top and tail, preserving the maximum amount of product. Designed for large-scale production, capable of handling up to 12,000 onions per hour, the TopNotch onion peeling machine ensures unparalleled peeling quality.

How it works:
De TopNotch uienschilmachine.
Onions on the TopNotch elevator belt
Elevator belt

Executed with special cups, producing a 99-100% fill rate.

Eerste station in de Topnotch waarbij de schil van de ui wordt ingekrast.
Notching station

Notching station can be tailored to the quality of the product and has an adjustable depth.

Tweede station in de Topnotch uienschilmachine waarbij de kop en staart van de ui worden uitgeboord.
Coring system

Unique upper and lower vertical coring system increasing yield up to 10%.

Laatste station in de TopNotch uienschilmachine waarbij de schil van de ui is afgeblazen.
Peeling station

With minimal compressed air, the TopNotch removes the onion skins, leaving a perfect final product.


Above the orientation station, a camera captures continuous images. These images are processed by a computer, determining the location of the onion’s top and tail. The orientation station adjusts, rotating the onion until it reaches the correct position. With this precise positioning, the onion peeling machine, equipped with its unique coring system, selectively removes only the actual top and tail. This results in a 10% increase in product yield compared to other systems. Minimal pressure is applied during coring, preserving the onion’s shape, contributing to extended shelf life, and facilitating further processing.


Unlike a continuous flow, the TopNotch onion peeling machine employs a start-stop system, achieving maximum control over the peeling process. Onions progress through various stations, from orientation to peeling. Each step is meticulously executed to ensure an accurately and uniformly peeled end product. This precision is crucial for delivering high-quality onions that meet the strictest hygiene standards.

With its innovative design, the TopNotch onion peeling machine represents industrial precision, maximum yield, and operational convenience. Experience the revolution in onion processing and elevate your production to a higher level.

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  • Available in various configurations, tailored to the desired capacity and dimensions of the onions, even the most flat varieties.
  • Hygienic conveyor belt with a filling rate of 99 to 100 percent. Suitable for all onion varieties and shapes.
  • Automatic positioning of onions in the orientation station with vision technology.
  • Precisely and uniformly peeled products due to the start-stop system for maximum control over the peeling process.
  • Unique coring system ensures a 10% higher yield compared to other systems.
  • Regulation of air pressure per station based on quality, size, and type of onion, allowing for the optimal air pressure to be set at all times.
  • In the 360-degree blow-off station, the onion peels are blown off with compressed air.
  • Automatic lubrication system extends the machine's lifespan.
  • Modular construction with standard components that are globally available, offering a high level of flexibility.
Onions peeled with the TopNotch

The onions are uniformly peeled, with only the head and tail removed for maximum yield.

Perfectly peeled red onions

With TopNotch, it's also possible to peel red onions.

Orientation station

Automatic rotation of the onions to the perfect position through vision technology.

Notching station

Slices into the outer peel, making it easy to blow off in the final station.

Unique coring system

Specially developed to preserve the shape of the onion and maximize product.

Peeling station

With minimal compressed air, the TopNotch removes the onion peel, leaving a perfect final product.


An icon which illustrated size.

Tailor-made peeling

The indexing plates is available in various cup sizes tailored to the size of the onions.

Icon representing orientation.

Automatic orientation system

The TopNotch is available with manual orientation or with vision technology for the automatic orientation of the onions.

Icon which illustrates exchange.

Quick change system

Efficient peeling of onions in two sizes on one indexing plate with fast switching between programs for maximum flexibility.

Icon for representing horizontal slicing.

Extra horizontal cutting station

This option is combined with the quick-change system, where small onions prefer horizontal cutting and large onions for coring.

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