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Abrasive peeling processing line

Suitable for Carrots, Potatoes
De binnenzijde van de APM

Inside the APM-800 abrasive peeling machine. The APM-800 thoroughly removes the skin from products.

Schakelkast van de APM verwerkingslijn
De inspectietafel van de APM verwerkingslijn.
Inspection conveyor

The product is evenly distributed onto the inspection conveyor, allowing for precise quality control

Customized Peeling Processing Line for Tuberous Vegetables

Discover the power of our peeling processing line designed for a diverse range of tuberous vegetables, including potatoes, pre-cut carrots, celeriac and beets. With a capacity of approximately 1,000-1,200 kg/hour input, our peeling line offers efficient and streamlined processing of your products.


Input and Weighing System: A feed belt directs tuberous vegetables to a precise weighing bunker. Once the preset weight is reached, the input belt automatically stops, ensuring an optimized batch size.

Peeling Machine: The product from the weighing bunker is carefully unloaded into the powerful peeling machine. This advanced machine ensures thorough removal of the skin, preparing your products for further processing.

Water Bunker: After the peeling process, the clean product is collected in a water bunker, ready for the next phase of processing.

Inspection and Finishing: The product is evenly distributed on an inspection conveyor, allowing for precise quality control. For an additional level of finishing, the peeling processing line can be expanded with a (double) peeler, giving your products a hand-peeled appearance.

Our peeling processing lines are not only powerful but also flexible. You can customize the shown setup to fit your specific needs. Consider, for instance, the integration of a (double) peeler for a specific texture or opt for a roller inspection table instead of a traditional inspection conveyor. Our sales department is ready to advise you on the various possibilities that align with your production requirements.

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