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Peeling machine root vegetables

Processing type Abrasive peeling
Suitable for Onions, Potatoes, Carrots, Other

Our advanced peeling machine, specially designed for industrial use, is the ultimate solution for efficiently peeling various vegetables, including potatoes, celery roots, carrots (pre-cut), and other tuberous crops. With an identical peeling system to the proven B/C 25 model, this machine delivers a perfect final product.

APM schrapmachine van FInis-Eillert
Schakelkast van de APM verwerkingslijn
Stainless steel control box
De binnenzijde van de APM
Accessible design

The peeling machine is equipped with doors on three sides, providing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Robust Construction for Optimal Results

Discover the power of our peeling machine with its robust construction and thoughtful design. The housing, equipped with removable paneling, allows for thorough cleaning of both the exterior and interior. The solid frame, equipped with adjustable machine feet, ensures stability, while the peeling area benefits from an efficient water spraying system for thorough cleaning. The discharge door with output funnel ensures seamless removal of the final product.


At Finis-Eillert, we understand that every production environment is unique. Therefore, we offer flexibility in the setup of our peeling machine. While we typically deliver with the input and output opposite each other, we can provide the machine in any desired configuration. Whether it’s a customized layout or a specific arrangement, we adapt so that our machine seamlessly integrates into your production process.


For precise and adjustable peeling times, we have equipped the output with an automated pneumatic cylinder. This feature gives you complete control over the peeling process, allowing you to tailor the machine to the requirements of your production.


Our peeling machine is designed with your entire production process in mind and is therefore ideal for seamless integration into a complete processing line with a conveyor belt and dosing bunker. This streamlined integration allows you to not only save time but also maximize productivity. From the input of vegetables to obtaining the perfectly peeled final product, our machine ensures smooth and consistent operation.

Contact us today to discuss the possibilities and discover how our APM peeling machine can optimize your production process.

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  • Robust frame and removable paneling for thorough cleaning.
  • Flexible setup for input and output.
  • Controlled and adjustable peeling time thanks to an automatic pneumatic cylinder.
  • Efficient cleaning system with sprayers for thorough cleaning.
  • Powerful drive with an electric motor using a V-belt.

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