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Top and tail slicing machine

Processing type Slicing
Suitable for Carrots, Other

Unlock unparalleled precision in vegetable processing with our cutting-edge TopTail Slicing Machine, engineered to automatically remove the top and root from leeks, carrots, or other elongated vegetables. But that's not all – our machine offers even greater versatility by slicing the product into segments. This capability, paired with visionary technology, ensures every cut is executed with utmost precision.

TopTail slicing machine
Leek sliced in the TopTail slicing machine
Removing root

In the last slicing station, the root from the leek or other elongated vegetable is removed.

The top from two leek are removed in the TopTail Finis-Eillert slicing machine
Separate the sliced top

The lanes automatically separate the sliced top.


Equipped with cameras positioned above the dual lanes, the TopTail continuously captures detailed images of each product as it passes through. These images are then processed by our software, determining the precise location of the vegetable’s top and root. With the highest precision, the machine removes exactly the top and root, leaving a maximum of product, regardless of size.

Precision Segmentation Based on Color Transition

Our vision technology goes beyond simply removing the top and root. It can detect subtle color transitions, allowing the machine to precisely divide products like leeks between the light green and dark green parts. This enables both sections to be utilized for various processing needs.

Extensive Customization Options for Maximum Yield

Our machine distinguishes itself with extensive customization options. Customers have full control over how their product is sliced or divided, including the ability to set desired margins. This level of customization ensures that each cut is tailored to meet the customer’s specific requirements. Powered by visionary technology, the TopTail slicing machine intelligently calculates the optimal segmentation of each product based on the set margins, guaranteeing maximum yield.

With its vision technology and customizable settings, this innovative TopTail machine sets a new standard for precision slicing in the vegetable processing industry.

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  • Advanced camera technology ensures precise slicing of the top and root of each vegetable, regardless of size or shape.
  • Operators can specify the precise amount of slicing required, allowing for tailored results based on specific needs.
  • The machine's precision slicing capabilities minimize waste, maximizing yield and reducing overall production costs.
  • Features a dual-lane design for increased efficiency, allowing for simultaneous processing of vegetables.
  • Compatible with a wide range of elongated vegetables, including leeks, carrots, and more, making it suitable for various applications in the food processing industry.
Accurately sliced leek

The TopTail divides the light green and dark green part of the leek.

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