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Leafy greens cutting machine

Processing type Slicing
Suitable for Leafy vegetables, Carrots, Cabbages, Herbs, Fruiting vegetables, Other

The G-1500 universal vegetable cutting machine is designed for medium capacities in large kitchens and salad factories. With advanced cutting technology, including a special cross-cutting blade for leafy greens, this machine offers optimal precision and efficiency.

How it works:
G-1500 Finis-Eillert bandsnijmachine
Bovenband G-1500
Upper belt

Upper belt securely holds the vegetables in place during cutting.

Bovenband is er deels eraf gehaald.
Easily removable belts

Easily removable belts for effortless cleaning of the machine.

Messchijf G-1500
Interchangeable cutting discs

Durable interchangeable cutting discs made from specially hardened steel.


With a wide range of cutting tools, the machine is highly suitable for cutting leafy greens and a diverse variety of other vegetables. Its advanced cross-cutting blade, specially developed for cutting leafy greens into squares or strips, provides unparalleled precision and efficiency. The G-1500 is utilized in large kitchens and salad factories, meeting the requirements of reliability, hygiene, and user-friendliness.


Due to the accessible design with doors on three sides and quickly removable belts, the G-1500 is easy to clean and disinfect. The cutting compartment is completely separated from the mechanical part, ensuring hygiene. Durable discs made of specially hardened steel, an upper belt that holds the vegetable during cutting, and a user-friendly construction make the G-1500 the ideal choice for those aiming for optimal performance and hygiene.

Discover the versatility and efficiency of the G-1500 vegetable cutting machine.

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  • Designed for medium capacities in large kitchens and salad factories.
  • Quickly removable belts for added cleaning convenience and disinfection.
  • Suitable for precise cutting of various vegetables and herbs with a wide range of cutting tools.
  • Short distance between the static blade and the cutting disc creates a scissor effect and ensures a perfect cut.
  • Hygienic design with the cutting compartment completely separated from the mechanical part.
  • Accessible design with doors on three sides for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Durable, hardened steel blades guarantee long-lasting sharpness.
Cross-cut knife leafy vegetables

Cross-cut knife for leafy vegetables to slice squares and strips.


Icoon krattenhouder

Crate holder

Holder for crates.

icoon sproeier.

Sprayers in the slicing compartment

For thorough cleaning.

Icoon bandschuurmachine


For sharpening knives.

Icoon touchscreen


User-friendly HMI to be operated via touchscreen.

Icoon liniaal

Guiding ruler

Ruler for guiding elongated vegetables, such as carrots and cucumbers.

icoon bandverlenging

Belt Extension

1000 mm infeed belt instead of 420 mm.

Icoon messenrek op wielen.

Movable knife rack

Knife rack on wheels for 2 to 6 discs.

Icoon werktafel

Preparation tables

Preparation tables for 2, 3, 4 or 6 employees.

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