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Cabbage processing line

Processing type Decoring, Slicing, Washing, Inspecting, Transporting, Filling
Suitable for Cabbages, Leafy vegetables
How it works:
Een opstelling van een bladgroente verwerkingslijn met verschillende machine van FInis-Eillert met de CABRO ontkernmachine, een inspectiatafel, SLICE snijmachine, opvoerband, WASH wasser en ABM mandencarrousel voor vullen.
Mixed Arugula in a basket of the ABM automatic basket mill.
Filling baskets | ABM

The ABM is equipped with four centrifuge baskets. After reaching the filling volume, the basket carousel automatically rotates to the next position.

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Iceberg lettuce decored with the CABRO Decoring and floretting machine.
Decoring | CABRO

The CABRO removes the core from iceberg lettuce, hard cabbage varieties, or cuts broccoli or cauliflower into florets.

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Baby spinach in the WASH-20 washed on the conveyor belt of Finis-Eillert.
Vegetable washer | WASH

The WASH ensures a thorough cleaning of leafy vegetables by fully immersing the products and constantly moving them.

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Basil sliced into strips with the slicing machine.
Slicing vegetables | SLICE

The SLICE-20 is a versatile belt cutting machine that is perfect for precision cutting of various products, including leafy vegetables, tuberous vegetables, and herbs.

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Processing line for cabbages

Explore the innovative world of our lettuce processing line, designed to maximize the potential of your leafy green products. Our advanced line features high-quality machines that ensure precise and efficient processing.


CABRO: The first link in our processing line is the CABRO core removal machine. This advanced machine swiftly and accurately removes the cores of lettuce or cabbage varieties. Optionally, the CABRO can segment the product after coring.

SLICE: Next in line is the SLICE belt slicing machine, precisely slicing the product into uniform pieces. This step is crucial for maintaining consistent quality and preparing the product for further processing.

WASH: The sliced product undergoes a thorough washing process in our washer. This ensures optimal hygiene and removes any residues or contaminants.

ABM: The final step in this processing line is the ABM basket carousel, where baskets with the processed lettuce or cabbage varieties are filled. This carousel is designed for efficiency and speed, allowing easy collection and further distribution of the end product.

Our lettuce processing line not only incorporates advanced technology but also offers flexibility. Whether you’re looking for small-scale or large-scale automation, we customize the configuration of our processing line to meet your specific needs. Contact us for a personalized consultation, and let’s design the optimal setup for your business together.

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Machines in this processing line

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